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SOFIAPUBFUN nea_event_t* nea_event_create ( nea_server_t nes,
nea_watcher_f callback,
nea_emagic_t context,
char const *  name,
char const *  subname,
char const *  default_content_type,
char const *  accept 

Create a new event (or subevent)

Create a new event.

The function nea_event_create() creates a new event for the event server.

Definition at line 1198 of file nea_server.c.

References nea_event_tcreate(), SIPTAG_ACCEPT_STR, SIPTAG_CONTENT_TYPE_STR, and TAG_END.

  return nea_event_tcreate(nes, callback, context,
                     name, subname,

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