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static int nes_new_event_callback ( nea_server_t nes,
nea_event_t **  ev_p,
nea_event_view_t **  view_p,
nta_incoming_t irq,
sip_t const *  sip 
) [static]

Invoke the new event callback.

The function nes_event_callback() calls the callback provided by the application using the notifier object.

nes pointer to notifier object
ev pointer to event view
s pointer to subscription object
sip pointer to subscribe request
The function nes_event_callback() returns -1 if the notifier object has been destroyed by the callback function, 0 otherwise.

Definition at line 531 of file nea_server.c.

References nea_server_s::nes_callback, and nea_server_s::nes_context.

Referenced by nea_sub_process_subscribe().

  if (nes->nes_callback)
    return nes->nes_callback(nes->nes_context, nes, ev_p, view_p, irq, sip);
    return -1;

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