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sip_util.h File Reference

Detailed Description

SIP utility functions.

Defined when <sofia-sip/sip_util.h> has been included.

Pekka Pessi <Pekka.Pessi@nokia.com>.
Created: Thu Jun 8 19:28:55 2000 ppessi

Definition in file sip_util.h.

#include <sofia-sip/sip.h>
#include <sofia-sip/string0.h>
#include <sofia-sip/msg_header.h>

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union  sip_pref
struct  sip_pref::sp_literal
struct  sip_pref::sp_range
struct  sip_pref::sp_string


#define sip_contact_immune(m)   sip_contact_is_immune(m)
#define sip_params_add   msg_params_add
#define sip_params_cmp   msg_params_cmp
#define sip_params_find   msg_params_find
#define sip_params_replace   msg_params_replace
#define SIP_STRLOG(prefix, s)   ((s) ? (prefix) : ""), ((s) ? (s) : "")


enum  sp_type {
  sp_error = -1, sp_init, sp_literal, sp_string,


SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_addr_match (sip_addr_t const *a, sip_addr_t const *b)
SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_aor_strip (url_t *url)
SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_contact_accept (sip_contact_t const *m, sip_accept_contact_t const *cp, unsigned *return_S, unsigned *return_N, int *return_error)
SOFIAPUBFUN sip_contact_tsip_contact_create_from_via (su_home_t *, sip_via_t const *, char const *user)
sip_contact_create_from_via_with_transport (su_home_t *home, sip_via_t const *v, char const *user, char const *transport)
SOFIAPUBFUN sip_contact_tsip_contact_immunize (su_home_t *home, sip_contact_t const *m)
SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_contact_is_immune (sip_contact_t const *m)
SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_contact_reject (sip_contact_t const *m, sip_reject_contact_t const *rc)
SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_contact_score (sip_contact_t const *m, sip_accept_contact_t const *ac, sip_reject_contact_t const *rc)
SOFIAPUBFUN char * sip_contact_string_from_via (su_home_t *home, sip_via_t const *v, char const *user, char const *transport)
SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_is_callerpref (char const *param)
SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_prefs_match (union sip_pref const *, union sip_pref const *)
SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_prefs_matching (char const *pvalue, char const *nvalue, int *return_parse_error)
SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_prefs_parse (union sip_pref *sp, char const **in_out_s, int *return_negation)
SOFIAPUBFUN unsigned sip_q_value (char const *q)
SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_response_terminates_dialog (int response_code, sip_method_t method, int *return_graceful_terminate)
SOFIAPUBFUN sip_route_tsip_route_fix (sip_route_t *route)
SOFIAPUBFUN sip_route_tsip_route_fixdup (su_home_t *, sip_route_t const *)
SOFIAPUBFUN sip_route_tsip_route_fixdup_as (su_home_t *, msg_hclass_t *, sip_route_t const *)
SOFIAPUBFUN sip_route_tsip_route_follow (msg_t *msg, sip_t *sip)
SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_route_is_loose (sip_route_t const *r)
SOFIAPUBFUN sip_route_tsip_route_pop (msg_t *msg, sip_t *sip)
SOFIAPUBFUN sip_route_tsip_route_remove (msg_t *msg, sip_t *sip)
SOFIAPUBFUN sip_route_tsip_route_reverse (su_home_t *, sip_route_t const *)
SOFIAPUBFUN sip_route_tsip_route_reverse_as (su_home_t *, msg_hclass_t *, sip_route_t const *)
SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_sanity_check (sip_t const *sip)
sip_security_client_t const * 
sip_security_client_select (sip_security_client_t const *client, sip_security_server_t const *server)
SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_security_verify_compare (sip_security_server_t const *s, sip_security_verify_t const *v, char const **return_d_ver)
SOFIAPUBFUN int sip_transport_has_tls (char const *transport_name)
SOFIAPUBFUN url_tsip_url_dup (su_home_t *sh, url_t const *o)
SOFIAPUBFUN sip_via_tsip_via_remove (msg_t *msg, sip_t *sip)

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