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SOFIAPUBFUN issize_t su_vrecv ( su_socket_t  ,
su_iovec_t  iov[],
isize_t  len,
int  flags,
su_sockaddr_t su,
socklen_t *  sulen 

Scatter-gather receive.

Definition at line 522 of file su.c.

References su_vrecv().

Referenced by su_vrecv(), tport_recv_dgram(), and tport_recv_stream().

  struct msghdr hdr[1] = {{0}};
  issize_t retval;

  hdr->msg_name = (void *)su;
  if (su && sulen)
    hdr->msg_namelen = *sulen;
  hdr->msg_iov = (struct iovec *)iov;
  hdr->msg_iovlen = iovlen;

  retval = recvmsg(s, hdr, flags);

  if (su && sulen)
    *sulen = hdr->msg_namelen;

  return retval;

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