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SOFIAPUBFUN void su_md5_init ( su_md5_t ctx  ) 

Initialize MD5 context.

Start MD5 accumulation. Set bit count to 0 and buffer to mysterious initialization constants.

ctx Pointer to context structure.

Definition at line 100 of file su_md5.c.

References su_md5_t::bits, su_md5_t::buf, and su_md5_init().

Referenced by auth_digest_a1(), auth_digest_response(), auth_init_default(), su_md5_init(), and url_digest().

  ctx->buf[0] = 0x67452301;
  ctx->buf[1] = 0xefcdab89;
  ctx->buf[2] = 0x98badcfe;
  ctx->buf[3] = 0x10325476;

  ctx->bits[0] = 0;
  ctx->bits[1] = 0;

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