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#define URL_DUP ( buf,
src   )     (buf) += url_dup((buf), (isize_t)((buf) < (end) ? (end) - (buf) : 0), (dst), (src))

Duplicate the url: use buf up to end.

Duplicate the url: use buf up to end.

The macro URL_DUP() duplicates the url. The non-constant strings in src are copied to buf. However, no strings are copied past end. In other words, the size of buffer is end - buf.

The macro updates the buffer pointer buf, so that it points to the first unused byte in the buffer. The buffer pointer buf is updated, even if the buffer is too small for the duplicated strings.

buf Buffer for non-constant strings copied from src.
end End of buf.
dst Destination URL structure.  
src Source URL structure.
The macro URL_DUP() returns pointer to first unused byte in the buffer buf.

Referenced by http_request_create(), msg_request_dup_one(), sip_name_addr_dup(), and sip_request_create().

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