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#define NUTAG_OUTBOUND (  )     nutag_outbound, tag_str_v(x)

Outbound option string.

The outbound option string can specify how the NAT traversal is handled. The option tokens are as follows:

  • "gruuize": try to generate a GRUU contact from REGISTER response
  • "outbound": use SIP outbound extension (off by default)
  • "validate": validate registration behind a NAT by sending OPTIONS to self
  • "natify": try to traverse NAT
  • "use-rport": use rport to traverse NAT
  • "options-keepalive": send periodic OPTIONS requests as keepalive messages

An option token with "no-" or "not-" prefix turns the option off. For example, if you want to try to traverse NATs but not to use OPTIONS keepalive, use NUTAG_OUTBOUND("natify no-options-keepalive").

An empty string can be passed to let the stack choose the default values for outbound usage (in the 1.12.5 release, the defaults are: "gruuize no-outbound validate use-port options-keepalive").

Options string is used so that no new tags need to be added when the outbound functionality changes.
Used with
nua_get_params() nua_set_hparams()
Parameter type
char const *
Corresponding tag taking reference parameter is NUTAG_OUTBOUND_REF().

Definition at line 303 of file nua_tag.h.

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