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#define SOATAG_USER_SDP_STR (  )     soatag_user_sdp_str, tag_str_v(x)

Pass unparsed user session description to soa session object.

User SDP is used as basis for SDP Offer/Answer negotiation. It can be very minimal, listing just m= lines with the port numbers and RTP payload numbers of supported codecs, like

   SOATAG_USER_SDP_STR("m=audio 5004 RTP/AVP 0 8")
When generating the offer or answer the user SDP is augmented with the required SDP lines (v=, o=, t=, c=, a=rtpmap, etc.) as required. The complete offer or answer generated by is passed in SOATAG_LOCAL_SDP_STR() (SOATAG_LOCAL_SDP() contains session in parsed format).

Used with
soa_set_params(), soa_get_params(), soa_get_paramlist()
Parameter type
char const *
String containing minimal SDP description.
Corresponding tag taking reference parameter is SOATAG_USER_SDP_STR_REF()

See also:
soa_set_user_sdp(), soa_get_user_sdp(), SOATAG_USER_SDP(), SOATAG_LOCAL_SDP(), SOATAG_LOCAL_SDP_STR()

Definition at line 93 of file soa_tag.h.

Referenced by soa_base_get_paramlist(), and soa_base_get_params().

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