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typedef struct http_cookie_s http_cookie_t

http_cookie Cookie extension header.

The Cookie header is used to transmit state information from server back to the http client. Its syntax is defined in RFC 2109 section 4.3.4 as follows:

   cookie         = "Cookie:" cookie-version
                    1*((";" | ",") cookie-value)
   cookie-value   = NAME "=" VALUE [";" path] [";" domain]
   cookie-version = "$Version" "=" value
   NAME           = attr
   VALUE          = value
   path           = "$Path" "=" value
   domain         = "$Domain" "=" value

The structure http_cookie_t contains representation of Cookie header. Please note that a single http_cookie_t can contain many cookies.

The http_cookie_t is defined as follows:

 typedef struct http_cookie_s
 } http_cookie_t;

Definition at line 158 of file http.h.

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