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tport_internal.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Internal implementation of transport interface.

Defined when <tport_internal.h> has been included.

For internal use only.

Pekka Pessi <Pekka.Pessi@nokia.com>
Created: Thu Jun 29 15:58:06 2000 ppessi

Definition in file tport_internal.h.

#include <sofia-sip/su.h>
#include <sofia-sip/su_uniqueid.h>
#include <sofia-sip/msg_addr.h>
#include <sofia-sip/tport.h>
#include <sofia-sip/tport_plugins.h>
#include <sofia-sip/su_debug.h>

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struct  tport_descriptor_s
struct  tport_master
struct  tport_master::tport_delivery
struct  tport_params_t
struct  tport_primary
struct  tport_s
struct  tport_vtable


#define mr_home   mr_master->tp_home
#define MSG_NOSIGNAL   (0)
#define MSG_TRUNC   (0)
#define NONE   ((void *)-1)
#define pri_home   pri_primary->tp_home
#define pri_master   pri_primary->tp_master
#define pri_protoname   pri_primary->tp_name->tpn_proto
#define SU_DEBUG   3
#define SU_LOG   tport_log
#define tp_addrlen   tp_addrinfo->ai_addrlen
#define tp_canon   tp_name->tpn_canon
#define tp_host   tp_name->tpn_host
#define tp_ident   tp_name->tpn_ident
#define tp_port   tp_name->tpn_port
#define tp_protoname   tp_name->tpn_proto


typedef long unsigned LU
typedef struct tport_descriptor_s tport_descriptor_t
struct tport_master 
typedef struct tport_pending_s tport_pending_t
typedef struct tport_primary tport_primary_t
typedef int const *( tport_set_f )(tport_master_t *mr, tp_name_t const *tpn, tagi_t const *taglist, tport_descriptor_t **return_set, int return_set_size)
typedef struct tport_vtable tport_vtable_t


int tport_accept (tport_primary_t *pri, int events)
tport_t * tport_alloc_secondary (tport_primary_t *pri, int socket, int accepted, char const **return_reason)
tport_t * tport_base_connect (tport_primary_t *pri, su_addrinfo_t *ai, su_addrinfo_t *name, tp_name_t const *tpn)
void tport_base_deliver (tport_t *self, msg_t *msg, su_time_t now)
void tport_base_timer (tport_t *self, su_time_t now)
int tport_bind_socket (int socket, su_addrinfo_t *ai, char const **return_culprit)
char const * tport_canonize_comp (char const *comp)
void tport_close (tport_t *self)
void tport_deinit_compressor (tport_t *)
void tport_deinit_stun_server (tport_master_t *mr)
void tport_deliver (tport_t *self, msg_t *msg, msg_t *next, tport_compressor_t *comp, su_time_t now)
void tport_dump_iovec (tport_t const *self, msg_t *msg, size_t n, su_iovec_t const iov[], size_t iovused, char const *what, char const *how)
int tport_error_event (tport_t *self)
void tport_error_report (tport_t *self, int errcode, su_sockaddr_t const *addr)
struct sigcomp_udvm ** tport_get_udvm_slot (tport_t *self)
void tport_has_been_updated (tport_t *tport)
su_inline int tport_has_connection (tport_t const *self)
int tport_has_queued (tport_t const *self)
void tport_hup_event (tport_t *self)
int tport_init_compressor (tport_t *, char const *comp_name, tagi_t const *tags)
int tport_init_stun_server (tport_master_t *mr, tagi_t const *tags)
su_inline int tport_is_connection_oriented (tport_t const *self)
void tport_keepalive_timer (tport_t *self, su_time_t now)
void tport_log_msg (tport_t *tp, msg_t *msg, char const *what, char const *via, su_time_t now)
msg_ttport_msg_alloc (tport_t const *self, usize_t size)
int tport_next_keepalive (tport_t *self, su_time_t *, char const **)
int tport_next_recv_timeout (tport_t *, su_time_t *, char const **)
int tport_open_log (tport_master_t *mr, tagi_t *tags)
int tport_prepare_and_send (tport_t *self, msg_t *msg, tp_name_t const *tpn, struct sigcomp_compartment *cc, unsigned mtu)
int tport_primary_compression (tport_primary_t *pri, char const *compression, tagi_t const *tl)
void tport_recv_bytes (tport_t *self, ssize_t bytes, ssize_t on_line)
int tport_recv_comp_dgram (tport_t const *self, tport_compressor_t *sc, msg_t **in_out_msg, su_sockaddr_t *from, socklen_t fromlen)
int tport_recv_dgram (tport_t *self)
int tport_recv_error_report (tport_t *self)
void tport_recv_event (tport_t *self)
ssize_t tport_recv_iovec (tport_t const *self, msg_t **mmsg, msg_iovec_t iovec[msg_n_fragments], size_t N, int exact)
void tport_recv_message (tport_t *self, msg_t *msg, int error)
int tport_recv_stream (tport_t *self)
int tport_recv_stun_dgram (tport_t const *self, msg_t **in_out_msg, su_sockaddr_t *from, socklen_t fromlen)
void tport_recv_timeout_timer (tport_t *self, su_time_t now)
int tport_register_type (tport_vtable_t const *vtp)
ssize_t tport_send_comp (tport_t const *self, msg_t *msg, msg_iovec_t iov[], size_t iovused, struct sigcomp_compartment *cc, tport_compressor_t *sc)
ssize_t tport_send_dgram (tport_t const *self, msg_t *msg, msg_iovec_t iov[], size_t iovused)
void tport_send_event (tport_t *self)
int tport_send_msg (tport_t *self, msg_t *msg, tp_name_t const *tpn, struct sigcomp_compartment *cc)
void tport_send_queue (tport_t *self)
ssize_t tport_send_stream (tport_t const *self, msg_t *msg, msg_iovec_t iov[], size_t iovused)
void tport_sent_bytes (tport_t *self, ssize_t bytes, ssize_t on_line)
void tport_sent_message (tport_t *self, msg_t *msg, int error)
int tport_set_secondary_timer (tport_t *self)
void tport_set_tos (su_socket_t socket, su_addrinfo_t *ai, int tos)
int tport_shutdown0 (tport_t *self, int how)
void tport_sigcomp_accept_incomplete (tport_t *self, msg_t *msg)
struct sigcomp_compartment * tport_sigcomp_assign_if_needed (tport_t *self, struct sigcomp_compartment *cc)
int tport_stream_init_primary (tport_primary_t *pri, su_socket_t socket, tp_name_t tpn[1], su_addrinfo_t *ai, tagi_t const *tags, char const **return_reason)
int tport_stun_server_add_socket (tport_t *tp)
int tport_stun_server_remove_socket (tport_t *tp)
int tport_tcp_init_client (tport_primary_t *, tp_name_t tpn[1], su_addrinfo_t *, tagi_t const *, char const **return_culprit)
int tport_tcp_init_primary (tport_primary_t *, tp_name_t tpn[1], su_addrinfo_t *, tagi_t const *, char const **return_culprit)
int tport_tcp_init_secondary (tport_t *self, int socket, int accepted, char const **return_reason)
int tport_tcp_next_timer (tport_t *self, su_time_t *, char const **)
int tport_tcp_ping (tport_t *self, su_time_t now)
int tport_tcp_pong (tport_t *self)
void tport_tcp_timer (tport_t *self, su_time_t)
void tport_udp_deinit_primary (tport_primary_t *)
int tport_udp_error (tport_t const *self, su_sockaddr_t name[1])
int tport_udp_init_primary (tport_primary_t *, tp_name_t tpn[1], su_addrinfo_t *, tagi_t const *, char const **return_culprit)
void tport_zap_secondary (tport_t *self)


tport_comp_vtable_t const * tport_comp_vtable
tport_vtable_t const tport_http_connect_vtable
tport_vtable_t const tport_sctp_client_vtable
tport_vtable_t const tport_sctp_vtable
tport_vtable_t const tport_stun_vtable
tport_vtable_t const tport_tcp_client_vtable
tport_vtable_t const tport_tcp_vtable
tport_vtable_t const tport_threadpool_vtable
tport_vtable_t const tport_tls_client_vtable
tport_vtable_t const tport_tls_vtable
tport_vtable_t const tport_udp_client_vtable
tport_vtable_t const tport_udp_vtable

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