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nea.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Event API for SIP.

Defined when <sofia-sip/nea.h> has been included.

Pekka Pessi <Pekka.Pessi@nokia.com>

Martti Mela <Martti.Mela@nokia.com>

Created: Fri Feb 7 13:23:44 EET 2003 ppessi

Definition in file nea.h.

#include <sofia-sip/su_alloc.h>
#include <sofia-sip/su_tag.h>
#include <sofia-sip/nta.h>
#include <sofia-sip/nea_tag.h>

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struct  nea_subnode_t


#define NEA_DEFAULT_EXPIRES   3600
#define NEA_EMAGIC_T   struct nea_emagic_t
#define NEA_EVMAGIC_T   struct nea_evmagic_t
#define NEA_MAGIC_T   struct nea_magic_t
#define nea_server_auth   nea_sub_auth
#define NEA_SMAGIC_T   struct nea_smagic_t
#define NEA_VERSION   3.0
#define NEA_VERSION_STR   "3.0"
#define NEATAG_EVMAGIC(x)   neatag_evmagic, tag_ptr_v((x))
#define NEATAG_EVMAGIC_REF(x)   neatag_evmagic_ref, tag_ptr_vr((&x), (x))
#define NEATAG_RELIABLE(x)   neatag_reliable, tag_bool_v((x))
#define NEATAG_RELIABLE_REF(x)   neatag_reliable_ref, tag_bool_vr((&x))
#define NEATAG_SUB(x)   neatag_sub, tag_ptr_v((x))
#define NEATAG_SUB_REF(x)   neatag_sub_ref, tag_ptr_vr((&x), (x))
#define NEATAG_VIEW(x)   neatag_view, tag_ptr_v((x))
#define NEATAG_VIEW_REF(x)   neatag_view_ref, tag_ptr_vr((&x), (x))


typedef NEA_EMAGIC_T nea_emagic_t
typedef struct nea_event_s nea_event_t
typedef struct nea_event_view_s nea_event_view_t
typedef NEA_EVMAGIC_T nea_evmagic_t
typedef NEA_MAGIC_T nea_magic_t
typedef int( nea_new_event_f )(nea_smagic_t *context, nea_server_t *nes, nea_event_t **event_p, nea_event_view_t **view_p, nta_incoming_t *irq, sip_t const *sip)
typedef int(* nea_notify_f )(nea_t *nea, nea_magic_t *context, sip_t const *sip)
typedef struct nea_payloads_s nea_payloads_t
typedef struct nea_server_s nea_server_t
typedef NEA_SMAGIC_T nea_smagic_t
typedef struct nea_sub_s nea_sub_t
typedef struct nea_s nea_t
typedef void( nea_watcher_f )(nea_server_t *nes, nea_emagic_t *context, nea_event_t *event, nea_subnode_t *subnode, sip_t const *sip)


SOFIAPUBFUN nea_tnea_create (nta_agent_t *agent, su_root_t *root, nea_notify_f no_callback, nea_magic_t *context, tag_type_t tag, tag_value_t value,...)
SOFIAPUBFUN char const * nea_default_content_type (char const *event)
SOFIAPUBFUN void nea_destroy (nea_t *agent)
SOFIAPUBFUN nea_emagic_tnea_emagic_get (nea_event_t *event)
SOFIAPUBFUN void nea_end (nea_t *agent)
SOFIAPUBFUN nea_event_tnea_event_create (nea_server_t *nes, nea_watcher_f *callback, nea_emagic_t *context, char const *name, char const *subname, char const *default_content_type, char const *accept)
SOFIAPUBFUN nea_event_tnea_event_get (nea_server_t const *, char const *name)
SOFIAPUBFUN nea_event_tnea_event_tcreate (nea_server_t *nes, nea_watcher_f *callback, nea_emagic_t *context, char const *name, char const *subname, tag_type_t, tag_value_t,...)
SOFIAPUBFUN nea_event_view_tnea_event_view (nea_event_t *, char const *content_type)
SOFIAPUBFUN int nea_server_active (nea_server_t *nes, nea_event_t const *ev)
SOFIAPUBFUN int nea_server_add_irq (nea_server_t *nes, nta_leg_t *leg, sip_contact_t const *local_target, nta_incoming_t *irq, sip_t const *sip)
SOFIAPUBFUN nea_server_tnea_server_create (nta_agent_t *agent, su_root_t *root, url_t const *url, int max_subs, nea_new_event_f *callback, nea_smagic_t *context, tag_type_t tag, tag_value_t value,...)
SOFIAPUBFUN void nea_server_destroy (nea_server_t *nes)
SOFIAPUBFUN void nea_server_flush (nea_server_t *nes, nea_event_t *event)
SOFIAPUBFUN void nea_server_free_subscribers (nea_server_t *nes, nea_subnode_t const **)
SOFIAPUBFUN nea_subnode_t const ** nea_server_get_subscribers (nea_server_t *nes, nea_event_t const *ev)
int nea_server_non_embryonic (nea_server_t *nes, nea_event_t const *ev)
SOFIAPUBFUN int nea_server_notify (nea_server_t *nes, nea_event_t *ev)
SOFIAPUBFUN int nea_server_notify_one (nea_server_t *nes, nea_event_t *ev, nea_sub_t *ns)
SOFIAPUBFUN int nea_server_shutdown (nea_server_t *nes, int retry_after)
SOFIAPUBFUN int nea_server_update (nea_server_t *nes, nea_event_t *ev, tag_type_t tag, tag_value_t value,...)
SOFIAPUBFUN int nea_sub_auth (nea_sub_t *, nea_state_t state, tag_type_t, tag_value_t,...)
SOFIAPUBFUN nta_incoming_tnea_sub_get_request (nea_sub_t *sub)
SOFIAPUBFUN unsigned nea_sub_pending (nea_sub_t const *)
SOFIAPUBFUN int nea_sub_version (nea_sub_t *, unsigned)
SOFIAPUBFUN nta_incoming_tnea_subnode_get_incoming (nea_subnode_t *sn)
SOFIAPUBFUN int nea_update (nea_t *nea, tag_type_t tag, tag_value_t value,...)
SOFIAPUBFUN sip_content_type_t
const * 
nea_view_content_type (nea_event_view_t const *)
SOFIAPUBFUN nea_event_view_tnea_view_create (nea_server_t *nes, nea_event_t *ev, nea_evmagic_t *magic, tag_type_t tag, tag_value_t value,...)
SOFIAPUBFUN void nea_view_destroy (nea_server_t *nes, nea_event_view_t *ev)
SOFIAPUBFUN nea_evmagic_tnea_view_magic (nea_event_view_t const *)
SOFIAPUBFUN sip_payload_t const * nea_view_payload (nea_event_view_t *)
SOFIAPUBFUN void nea_view_set_magic (nea_event_view_t *, nea_evmagic_t *magic)
SOFIAPUBFUN unsigned nea_view_version (nea_event_view_t const *)


SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t neatag_evmagic
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t neatag_evmagic_ref
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t neatag_reliable
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t neatag_reliable_ref
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t neatag_sub
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t neatag_sub_ref
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t neatag_view
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t neatag_view_ref

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