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#define SOATAG_RTP_MISMATCH (   x )    soatag_rtp_mismatch, tag_bool_v(x)

Accept media line even if the SDP negotation code determines that there are no common codecs between local and remote media. Normally, if the soa determines there are no common codecs, the media line is rejected.

Used with
soa_set_params(), soa_get_params(), soa_get_paramlist()
Parameter type
Boolean (int)
0 - reject media if there are no common codecs
1 (!= 0) - accept media even if there are no common codecs

Default value is 0.

Corresponding tag taking reference parameter is SOATAG_RTP_MISMATCH_REF()

See also:

Definition at line 193 of file soa_tag.h.

Referenced by soa_base_get_params().

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