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#define SOATAG_USER_SDP (   x )    soatag_user_sdp, sdptag_session_v(x)

Pass parsed user session description to soa session object.

User SDP is used as basis for SDP Offer/Answer negotiation. It can be very minimal, consisting just sdp_session_t structures, sdp_media_t structures and sdp_rtpmap_t structures listing te supported media, used RTP port number, and RTP payload descriptions of supported codecs.

When generating the offer or answer the user SDP is augmented with the required SDP lines (v=, o=, t=, c=, a=rtpmap, etc.) as required. The complete offer or answer generated by is passed in SOATAG_LOCAL_SDP() (SOATAG_LOCAL_SDP_STR() contains same in text format).

Used with
soa_set_params(), soa_get_params(), soa_get_paramlist()
Parameter type
sdp_session_t *
pointer to sdp_session_t.

Corresponding tag taking reference parameter is SOATAG_USER_SDP_REF()

See also:
soa_set_user_sdp(), soa_get_user_sdp(), SOATAG_USER_SDP_STR(), SOATAG_LOCAL_SDP(), SOATAG_LOCAL_SDP_STR().

Definition at line 87 of file soa_tag.h.

Referenced by soa_base_get_paramlist(), and soa_base_get_params().

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