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su_debug.h File Reference

SU debugging macros. More...

#include <sofia-sip/su_log.h>
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#define SU_DEBUG_0(x)   (SU_LOG_LEVEL >= 0 ? (su_debug_0 x) : (void)0)
#define SU_DEBUG_1(x)   (SU_LOG_LEVEL >= 1 ? (su_debug_1 x) : (void)0)
#define SU_DEBUG_2(x)   (SU_LOG_LEVEL >= 2 ? (su_debug_2 x) : (void)0)
#define SU_DEBUG_3(x)   (SU_LOG_LEVEL >= 3 ? (su_debug_3 x) : (void)0)
#define SU_DEBUG_4(x)   (SU_LOG_LEVEL >= 4 ? (su_debug_4 x) : (void)0)
#define SU_DEBUG_5(x)   (SU_LOG_LEVEL >= 5 ? (su_debug_5 x) : (void)0)
#define SU_DEBUG_6(x)   (SU_LOG_LEVEL >= 6 ? (su_debug_6 x) : (void)0)
#define SU_DEBUG_7(x)   (SU_LOG_LEVEL >= 7 ? (su_debug_7 x) : (void)0)
#define SU_DEBUG_8(x)   (SU_LOG_LEVEL >= 8 ? (su_debug_8 x) : (void)0)
#define SU_DEBUG_9(x)   (SU_LOG_LEVEL >= 9 ? (su_debug_9 x) : (void)0)
#define SU_DEBUG_DEF(level)
#define SU_DEBUG_H
#define SU_DEBUG_MAX   9
#define SU_LERROR(s)   (su_llog(SU_LOG, 1, "%s: %s\n", (s), strerror(errno)))
#define SU_LOG   (su_log_default)
#define SU_LOG_LEVEL
#define SU_LSERROR(s)   (su_llog(SU_LOG, 1, "%s: %s\n", (s), su_strerror(su_errno())))

Detailed Description

SU debugging macros.

The logging levels and macros to use are defined as follows:

These macros are used to log with module-specific levels. The SU_LOG macro is redefined with a pointer to a module-specific su_log_t structure, e.g., "iptsec_debug.h".

Pekka Pessi <Pekka.Pessi@nokia.com>
Created: Tue Feb 8 10:06:33 2000 ppessi
See also:
debug_logs, su_llog(), su_vllog(), su_log_t,

Definition in file su_debug.h.

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