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 * This file is part of the Sofia-SIP package
 * Copyright (C) 2005 Nokia Corporation.
 * Contact: Pekka Pessi <pekka.pessi@nokia.com>
 * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of
 * the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
 * WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * Lesser General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
 * License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
 * 02110-1301 USA

/** Defined when <sofia-sip/auth_module.h> has been included. */

/**@file sofia-sip/auth_module.h
 * @brief Authentication verification interface.
 * @author Pekka Pessi <Pekka.Pessi@nokia.com>.
 * @date Created: Mon Jul 23 19:21:24 2001 ppessi

#ifndef SU_TAG_H
#include <sofia-sip/su_tag.h>
#ifndef SU_WAIT_H
#include <sofia-sip/su_wait.h>
#ifndef MSG_TYPES_H
#include <sofia-sip/msg_types.h>
#ifndef URL_H
#include <sofia-sip/url.h>
#ifndef URL_TAG_H
#include <sofia-sip/url_tag.h>


typedef struct auth_mod_t auth_mod_t;
/** Authentication operation. */
00057 typedef struct auth_status_t auth_status_t;

#ifdef  AUTH_MAGIC_T
typedef AUTH_MAGIC_T auth_magic_t;
typedef void auth_magic_t;

/** Virtual table for authentication plugin. */
00066 typedef struct auth_scheme const auth_scheme_t;

/** Opaque data used by authentication plugin module. */
00069 typedef struct auth_plugin_t  auth_plugin_t;
/** Opaque user data used by plugin module. */
00071 typedef struct auth_splugin_t auth_splugin_t;
/** Opaque authentication operation data used by plugin module. */
00073 typedef struct auth_uplugin_t auth_uplugin_t;

/** Callback from completeted asynchronous authentication operation. */
00076 typedef void auth_callback_t(auth_magic_t *, auth_status_t *);

/**Authentication operation result.
 * The auth_status_t structure is used to store the status of the
 * authentication operation and all the related data. The application
 * verifying the authentication fills the auth_status_t structure, then
 * calls auth_mod_method() (or auth_mod_challenge()). The operation result
 * is stored in the structure.
 * If the operation is asynchronous, only a preliminary result is stored in
 * the auth_status_t structure when the call to auth_mod_method() returns.
 * In that case, the application @b must assign a callback function to the
 * structure. The callback function is invoked when the authentication
 * operation is completed.
 * It is recommended that the auth_status_t structure is allocated with
 * auth_status_new() or initialized with auth_status_init() or
 * auth_status_init_with() functions.
00096 struct auth_status_t
00098   su_home_t       as_home[1]; /**< Memory home for authentication */

00100   int               as_status;      /**< Return authorization status [out] */
00101   char const       *as_phrase;      /**< Return response phrase [out] */
00102   char const       *as_user;  /**< Authenticated username [in/out] */
00103   char const       *as_display;     /**< Return user's real name [in/out] */

  url_t const    *as_user_uri;      /* Return user's identity [in/out] */
00106   char const     *as_ident;   /**< Identities [out] */
00107   unsigned        as_profile; /**< User profile (group) [out] */

00109   su_addrinfo_t  *as_source;  /**< Source address [in] */

00111   char const       *as_realm; /**< Authentication realm [in] */
00112   char const       *as_domain;      /**< Hostname [in] */
00113   char const       *as_uri;   /**< Request-URI [in] */
00114   char const     *as_pdomain; /**< Domain parameter [in] (ignored). */
00115   char const       *as_method;      /**< Method name to authenticate [in] */

00117   void const       *as_body;  /**< Message body to protect [in] */
00118   isize_t           as_bodylen;     /**< Length of message body [in] */

00120   msg_time_t      as_nonce_issued; /**< Nonce issue time [out] */
00121   unsigned          as_blacklist; /**< Blacklist time [out] */
00122   unsigned        as_anonymous:1;/**< Return true if user is anonymous [out] */
00123   unsigned        as_stale:1; /**< Credentials were stale [out] */
00124   unsigned        as_allow:1; /**< Method cannot be challenged [out] */
00125   unsigned        as_nextnonce:1; /**< Client used nextnonce [out] */
  unsigned :0;

00128   msg_header_t     *as_response;    /**< Authentication challenge [out] */
00129   msg_header_t   *as_info;    /**< Authentication-Info [out] */
00130   msg_header_t     *as_match; /**< Used authentication header [out] */

  /** @defgroup Callback information for asynchronous operation.  */
  /** @{ */
00134   auth_magic_t   *as_magic;   /**< Application data [in] */
00135   auth_callback_t*as_callback;      /**< Completion callback [in] */
  /** @} */

  /** Pointer to extended state, used exclusively by plugin modules. */
00139   auth_splugin_t *as_plugin;

/** Authentication challenge.
 * This structure defines what kind of response and challenge header is
 * returned to the user. For example, a server authentication is implemented
 * with 401 response code and phrase along with header class for
 * @b WWW-Authenticate header in the @a ach structure.
00149 typedef struct auth_challenger
00151   int           ach_status;   /**< Response status for challenge response */
00152   char const   *ach_phrase;   /**< Response phrase for challenge response */
00153   msg_hclass_t *ach_header;   /**< Header class for challenge header */
  msg_hclass_t *ach_info;
} auth_challenger_t;

SOFIAPUBVAR char const auth_internal_server_error[];

  {{ SU_HOME_INIT(auth_status_t) }, 500, auth_internal_server_error, NULL }

#define AUTH_STATUS_DEINIT(as) \


SOFIAPUBFUN int auth_mod_register_plugin(auth_scheme_t *asch);

SOFIAPUBFUN auth_mod_t *auth_mod_create(su_root_t *root,
                              tag_type_t, tag_value_t, ...);
SOFIAPUBFUN void auth_mod_destroy(auth_mod_t *);

SOFIAPUBFUN auth_mod_t *auth_mod_ref(auth_mod_t *am);
SOFIAPUBFUN void auth_mod_unref(auth_mod_t *am);

SOFIAPUBFUN char const *auth_mod_name(auth_mod_t *am);

SOFIAPUBFUN auth_status_t *auth_status_init(void *, isize_t size);
SOFIAPUBFUN auth_status_t *auth_status_init_with(void *, isize_t size,
                                     int status,
                                     char const *phrase);

SOFIAPUBFUN auth_status_t *auth_status_new(su_home_t *);

SOFIAPUBFUN auth_status_t *auth_status_ref(auth_status_t *as);

SOFIAPUBFUN void auth_status_unref(auth_status_t *as);

SOFIAPUBFUN void auth_mod_verify(auth_mod_t *am,
                         auth_status_t *as,
                         msg_auth_t *credentials,
                         auth_challenger_t const *ach);

SOFIAPUBFUN void auth_mod_challenge(auth_mod_t *am,
                            auth_status_t *as,
                            auth_challenger_t const *ach);

SOFIAPUBFUN void auth_mod_authorize(auth_mod_t *am,
                            auth_status_t *as,
                            auth_challenger_t const *ach);

SOFIAPUBFUN void auth_mod_cancel(auth_mod_t *am, auth_status_t *as);

/* ====================================================================== */
/* Deprecated functions */

typedef enum {
} auth_kind_t;

SOFIAPUBFUN void auth_mod_method(auth_mod_t *am,
                         auth_status_t *as,
                         msg_auth_t *credentials,
                         auth_challenger_t const *ach);

SOFIAPUBFUN void auth_mod_check_client(auth_mod_t *am,
                               auth_status_t *as,
                               msg_auth_t *credentials,
                               auth_challenger_t const *ach);

SOFIAPUBFUN void auth_mod_challenge_client(auth_mod_t *am,
                                 auth_status_t *as,
                                 auth_challenger_t const *ach);

#ifdef SIP_H
SOFIAPUBFUN void auth_mod_check(auth_mod_t *am,
                        auth_status_t *as,
                        sip_t const *sip,
                        auth_kind_t proxy);

#ifdef HTTP_H
SOFIAPUBFUN const char *auth_mod_check_http(auth_mod_t *am,
                                  auth_status_t *as,
                                  http_t const *http,
                                  auth_kind_t proxy);

/* ====================================================================== */
/* Tags */

00246 #define AUTHTAG_ANY()         authtag_any, ((tag_value_t)0)
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_any;

/** Pointer to an authentication server (auth_mod_t). */
00250 #define AUTHTAG_MODULE(x)     authtag_module, authtag_module_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_module;

#define AUTHTAG_MODULE_REF(x) authtag_module_ref, authtag_module_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_module_ref;

su_inline tag_value_t authtag_module_v(auth_mod_t *v) {
  return (tag_value_t)v;
su_inline tag_value_t authtag_module_vr(auth_mod_t **vp) {
  return (tag_value_t)vp;
#define authtag_module_v(v)   ((tag_value_t)(v))
#define authtag_module_vr(v)  ((tag_value_t)(v))

/** Authentication scheme used by authentication module. */
00269 #define AUTHTAG_METHOD(x)     authtag_method, tag_str_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_method;

#define AUTHTAG_METHOD_REF(x) authtag_method_ref, tag_str_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_method_ref;

/** Authentication realm used by authentication server. */
00276 #define AUTHTAG_REALM(x)      authtag_realm, tag_str_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_realm;

#define AUTHTAG_REALM_REF(x)  authtag_realm_ref, tag_str_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_realm_ref;

/** Opaque authentication data always included in challenge. */
00283 #define AUTHTAG_OPAQUE(x)     authtag_opaque, tag_str_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_opaque;

#define AUTHTAG_OPAQUE_REF(x) authtag_opaque_ref, tag_str_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_opaque_ref;

/** Name of authentication database used by authentication server. */
00290 #define AUTHTAG_DB(x)         authtag_db, tag_str_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_db;

#define AUTHTAG_DB_REF(x)           authtag_db_ref, tag_str_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_db_ref;

/** Quality-of-protection used by digest authentication. */
00297 #define AUTHTAG_QOP(x)          authtag_qop, tag_str_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_qop;

#define AUTHTAG_QOP_REF(x)            authtag_qop_ref, tag_str_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_qop_ref;

/** Algorithm used by digest authentication. */
00304 #define AUTHTAG_ALGORITHM(x)    authtag_algorithm, tag_str_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_algorithm;

#define AUTHTAG_ALGORITHM_REF(x)    authtag_algorithm_ref, tag_str_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_algorithm_ref;

/** Nonce lifetime. */
00311 #define AUTHTAG_EXPIRES(x)    authtag_expires, tag_uint_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_expires;

#define AUTHTAG_EXPIRES_REF(x)    authtag_expires_ref, tag_uint_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_expires_ref;

/** Lifetime for nextnonce, 0 disables nextnonce. */
00318 #define AUTHTAG_NEXT_EXPIRES(x)    authtag_next_expires, tag_uint_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_next_expires;

  authtag_next_expires_ref, tag_uint_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_next_expires_ref;

/** Maximum nonce count allowed. */
00326 #define AUTHTAG_MAX_NCOUNT(x)    authtag_max_ncount, tag_uint_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_max_ncount;

#define AUTHTAG_MAX_NCOUNT_REF(x)    authtag_max_ncount_ref, tag_uint_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_max_ncount_ref;

/** Extra delay when responding if provided invalid credentials or nonce. */
00333 #define AUTHTAG_BLACKLIST(x)    authtag_blacklist, tag_uint_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_blacklist;

#define AUTHTAG_BLACKLIST_REF(x)    authtag_blacklist_ref, tag_uint_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_blacklist_ref;

/** Respond with 403 Forbidden if given invalid credentials. */
00340 #define AUTHTAG_FORBIDDEN(x)    authtag_forbidden, tag_bool_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_forbidden;

#define AUTHTAG_FORBIDDEN_REF(x)    authtag_forbidden_ref, tag_bool_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_forbidden_ref;

/** Allow anonymous access. */
00347 #define AUTHTAG_ANONYMOUS(x)    authtag_anonymous, tag_bool_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_anonymous;

#define AUTHTAG_ANONYMOUS_REF(x)    authtag_anonymous_ref, tag_bool_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_anonymous_ref;

/** HSS client structure. */
00354 #define AUTHTAG_HSS(x)        authtag_hss, tag_ptr_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_hss;

#define AUTHTAG_HSS_REF(x)    authtag_hss_ref, tag_ptr_vr((&x), (x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_hss_ref;

/** Remote authenticator URL. */
00361 #define AUTHTAG_REMOTE(x)     authtag_remote, urltag_url_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_remote;

#define AUTHTAG_REMOTE_REF(x) authtag_remote_ref, urltag_url_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_remote_ref;

/** Comma-separated list of methods never challenged. */
00368 #define AUTHTAG_ALLOW(x)      authtag_allow, tag_str_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_allow;

#define AUTHTAG_ALLOW_REF(x)  authtag_allow_ref, tag_str_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_allow_ref;

/** Check that user exists, don't do authentication. */
00375 #define AUTHTAG_FAKE(x) authtag_fake, tag_bool_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_fake;

#define AUTHTAG_FAKE_REF(x) authtag_fake_ref, tag_bool_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_fake_ref;

/** Master key in base64 for the authentication module. */
00382 #define AUTHTAG_MASTER_KEY(x) authtag_master_key, tag_str_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_master_key;

#define AUTHTAG_MASTER_KEY_REF(x) authtag_master_key_ref, tag_str_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_master_key_ref;

/** Cache time for authentication data. */
00389 #define AUTHTAG_CACHE_USERS(x)      authtag_cache_users, tag_uint_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_cache_users;

#define AUTHTAG_CACHE_USERS_REF(x) authtag_cache_users_ref, tag_uint_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_cache_users_ref;

/** Cache time for errors. */
00396 #define AUTHTAG_CACHE_ERRORS(x)     authtag_cache_errors, tag_uint_v((x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_cache_errors;

#define AUTHTAG_CACHE_ERRORS_REF(x) authtag_cache_errors_ref, tag_uint_vr((&x))
SOFIAPUBVAR tag_typedef_t authtag_cache_errors_ref;



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