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nua_handle_t* nua_handle ( nua_t nua,
nua_hmagic_t hmagic,
tag_type_t  tag,
tag_value_t  value,

Create an operation handle

Allocates a new operation handle and associated storage.

nua Pointer to stack object
hmagic Pointer to callback context
tag,value,... List of tagged parameters
Return values:
!=NULL Pointer to operation handle
NULL Creation failed
Related tags:
Duplicates the provided tags for use with every operation. Note that NUTAG_URL() is converted to SIPTAG_TO() if there is no SIPTAG_TO(). And also vice versa, request-URI is taken from SIPTAG_TO() if there is no NUTAG_URL(). Note that certain SIP headers cannot be saved with the handle. They include , , , , and .
nua_handle() accepts all the tags accepted by nua_set_hparams(), too.
See also:
nua_handle_bind(), nua_handle_destroy(), nua_handle_ref(), nua_handle_unref().

Definition at line 305 of file nua.c.

References nua_handle_s::nh_ref_by_user, ta_args, ta_end, and ta_start.

  nua_handle_t *nh = NULL;

  if (nua) {
    ta_list ta;

    ta_start(ta, tag, value);

    nh = nh_create_handle(nua, hmagic, ta_args(ta));

    if (nh)
      nh->nh_ref_by_user = 1;


  return nh;

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