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#define NUTAG_URL (  )     nutag_url, urltag_url_v(x)

URL address from application to NUA

Used with
any function that create SIP request or nua_handle()
Parameter type
char const * or url_t * or url_string_t *
url_string_t, which is either a pointer to url_t or NULL terminated character string representing URL
For normal nua calls, this tag is used as request target, which is usually stored as request-URI.

It is used to set stack's own address with nua_create(), nua_set_params() and nua_get_params(). It can be specified multiple times when used with nua_create().

See also:
Corresponding tag taking reference parameter is NUTAG_URL_REF()

Definition at line 75 of file nua_tag.h.

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