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#define NUTAG_USER_AGENT (  )     nutag_user_agent, tag_str_v(x)

User-Agent string.

Indicate the User-Agent header used by the stack. The value set with this tag is concatenated with the value indicating the stack name and version, e.g., "sofia-sip/1.12.1" unless the stack name "sofia-sip" followed by slash is already included in the string. The concatenated value is returned in SIPTAG_USER_AGENT_STR() and NUTAG_USER_AGENT() when nua_get_params() is called.

If you want to set the complete string, use SIPTAG_USER_AGENT_STR() or SIPTAG_USER_AGENT().

Used with
nua_set_params(), nua_set_hparams()
nua_get_params(), nua_get_hparams(), nua_r_get_params
any handle-specific nua call
Parameter type
char const *
If NULL, stack uses default string which of format "sofia-sip/1.12".
Corresponding tag taking reference parameter is NUTAG_USER_AGENT_REF().

Definition at line 435 of file nua_tag.h.

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