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#define NUTAG_SESSION_REFRESHER (  )     nutag_session_refresher, tag_int_v((x))

Specify the preferred refresher.

Specify for session timer extension which party is the preferred refresher.

Used with
nua_handle(), nua_invite(), nua_update(), nua_respond()
nua_set_params() or nua_set_hparams()
nua_get_params() or nua_get_hparams()
See nua_set_hparams() for a complete list of all the nua operations that accept this tag.

Parameter type
enum { nua_no_refresher, nua_local_refresher, nua_remote_refresher, nua_any_refresher }
  • nua_no_refresher (session timers are disabled)
  • nua_local_refresher
  • nua_remote_refresher
  • nua_any_refresher (default)
Corresponding tag taking reference parameter is NUTAG_SESSION_REFRESHER_REF().

See also:

Definition at line 176 of file nua_tag.h.

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