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#define NUTAG_RETRY_COUNT (  )     nutag_retry_count, tag_uint_v(x)

Set request retry count.

Retry count determines how many times stack will automatically retry after an recoverable error response, like 302, 401 or 407.

Note that the first request does not count as retry.

Used with
nua_create(), nua_set_params(), nua_handle(), nua_set_hparams(), nua_get_params(), nua_get_hparams(), nua_register(), nua_unregister(), nua_options(), nua_invite(), nua_ack(), nua_cancel(), nua_bye(), nua_prack(), nua_update(), nua_info(), nua_message(), nua_publish(), nua_unpublish(), nua_notifier(), nua_subscribe(), nua_unsubscribe(), nua_notify(), nua_refer(), nua_method(), nua_respond() nua_authenticate().
Parameter type
  • 0 - Never retry automatically
  • Otherwise, number of extra transactions initiated after initial transaction failed with recoverable error response

Corresponding tag taking reference parameter is NUTAG_RETRY_COUNT_REF().

Definition at line 121 of file nua_tag.h.

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