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SOFIAPUBFUN void su_freelocalinfo ( su_localinfo_t tbf  ) 

Free local address information

Free local address information.

Free a list of su_localinfo_t structures obtained with su_getlocalinfo() or su_copylocalinfo() along with socket addresses and strings associated with them.

See also:
su_getlocalinfo(), su_copylocalinfo(), su_localinfo_t

Definition at line 265 of file su_localinfo.c.

References su_localinfo_s::li_next, and su_freelocalinfo().

Referenced by priv_find_matching_localadress(), soa_init_sdp_connection(), stun_determine_ip_address(), su_copylocalinfo(), su_freelocalinfo(), su_getlocalinfo(), su_getlocalip(), and test_sockaddr().

  su_localinfo_t *li;

  for (li = tbf; li; li = tbf) {
    tbf = li->li_next;
    if (li->li_canonname)

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