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SOFIAPUBFUN su_time_t su_time_add ( su_time_t  t0,
su_duration_t  dur 

Add milliseconds to the time.

t0 time in seconds and microseconds as su_time_t
dur milliseconds to be added

Definition at line 326 of file su_time.c.

References su_time_add().

Referenced by su_time_add(), su_timer_expire(), tport_base_timer(), tport_keepalive_timer(), tport_next_keepalive(), tport_next_recv_timeout(), tport_recv_timeout_timer(), and tport_set_secondary_timer().

  return su_t64_to_time(SU_TIME_TO_T64(t0) + SU_DUR_TO_T64(dur));

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