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msg_auth_t* auth_ntlm_credentials ( msg_auth_t auth,
char const *  realm,
char const *  opaque,
char const *  gssapidata,
char const *  targetname 

NTLM scheme

Find a NTLM credential header with matching realm and opaque.

Definition at line 164 of file auth_plugin_ntlm.c.

References msg_auth_s::au_common, msg_auth_s::au_next, msg_auth_s::au_scheme, and su_casematch().

  char const *agssapidata, *atargetname;

  for (;auth; auth = auth_mod_credentials(auth->au_next)) {
    if (!su_casematch(auth->au_scheme, "NTLM"))

    if (gssapidata) {
      agssapidata = msg_header_find_param(auth->au_common, "gssapi-data=");
      if (!agssapidata || auth_strcmp(agssapidata, gssapidata))

    if (targetname) {
      atargetname = msg_header_find_param(auth->au_common, "targetname=");
      if (!atargetname || auth_strcmp(atargetname, targetname))

    return auth;

  return NULL;

Here is the call graph for this function:

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