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msg_date.h File Reference

Types and functions for handling dates and times. More...

#include <sofia-sip/su_types.h>
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#define MSG_DATE_H
#define MSG_TIME_MAX   ((msg_time_t)ULONG_MAX)


typedef unsigned long msg_time_t


enum  { msg_date_string_size = 29 }


SOFIAPUBFUN issize_t msg_date_d (char const **ss, msg_time_t *date)
SOFIAPUBFUN issize_t msg_date_delta_d (char const **inout_string, msg_time_t *return_date, msg_time_t *return_delta)
SOFIAPUBFUN issize_t msg_date_e (char b[], isize_t bsiz, msg_time_t date)
SOFIAPUBFUN issize_t msg_delta_d (char const **ss, msg_time_t *return_delta)
SOFIAPUBFUN issize_t msg_delta_e (char b[], isize_t bsiz, msg_time_t delta)
SOFIAPUBFUN msg_time_t msg_now (void)
 Parser for HTTP-Date and HTTP-Delta.

Detailed Description

Types and functions for handling dates and times.

Pekka Pessi <Pekka.Pessi@nokia.com>
Created: Thu Jun 8 19:28:55 2000 ppessi

Definition in file msg_date.h.

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