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void nua_handle_destroy ( nua_handle_t nh )

Destroy a handle

Terminate the protocol state associated with an operation handle. The stack discards resources and terminates the ongoing dialog usage, sessions and transactions associated with this handle. For example, calls are terminated with BYE request. Also, the reference count for the handle is also decremented.

The handles use reference counting for memory management. In order to make it more convenient for programmer, nua_handle_destroy() decreases the reference count, too.

nhPointer to operation handle
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See also:
nua_handle(), nua_handle_bind(), nua_handle_ref(), nua_handle_unref(), nua_unregister(), nua_unpublish(), nua_unsubscribe(), nua_bye().

Definition at line 919 of file nua.c.

References nua_handle_s::nh_nua, nua_handle_s::nh_valid, and TAG_END.


  if (NH_IS_VALID(nh) && !NH_IS_DEFAULT(nh)) {
    nh->nh_valid = NULL;      /* Events are no more delivered to appl. */
    nua_signal(nh->nh_nua, nh, NULL, nua_r_destroy, 0, NULL, TAG_END());

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