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su_time.h File Reference

Time types and functions. More...

#include "sofia-sip/su_types.h"
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struct  su_time_s


#define SU_E9   (1000000000U)
#define SU_NTP_C(x)   SU_U64_C(x)
#define SU_SEC_TO_DURATION(sec)   ((su_duration_t)(1000 * (sec)))
#define SU_TIME64_MAX   ((su_time64_t)(su_dur64_t)-1)
#define SU_TIME_CMP(t1, t2)
#define SU_TIME_EPOCH   2208988800UL
#define SU_TIME_H


typedef int64_t su_dur64_t
typedef long su_duration_t
typedef su_time64_t su_nanotime_t
typedef uint64_t su_ntp_t
typedef struct su_time_s su_time_t


enum  { SU_DURATION_MAX = 0x7fffffffL }


SOFIAPUBFUN uint64_t su_counter (void)
SOFIAPUBFUN su_duration_t su_duration (su_time_t const t1, su_time_t const t2)
SOFIAPUBFUN su_duration_t su_duration64 (su_time64_t t1, su_time64_t t2)
SOFIAPUBFUN su_time64_t su_monotime (su_time64_t *return_time)
SOFIAPUBFUN uint64_t su_nanocounter (void)
SOFIAPUBFUN su_time64_t su_nanotime (su_time64_t *return_time)
SOFIAPUBFUN su_time_t su_now (void)
SOFIAPUBFUN su_time64_t su_now64 (void)
SOFIAPUBFUN uint32_t su_ntp_fraq (su_time_t t)
SOFIAPUBFUN uint32_t su_ntp_hi (su_ntp_t)
SOFIAPUBFUN su_ntp_t su_ntp_hilo (uint32_t hi, uint32_t lo)
SOFIAPUBFUN uint32_t su_ntp_lo (su_ntp_t)
SOFIAPUBFUN uint32_t su_ntp_mw (su_ntp_t ntp)
SOFIAPUBFUN su_ntp_t su_ntp_now (void)
SOFIAPUBFUN uint32_t su_ntp_sec (void)
SOFIAPUBFUN uint32_t su_random (void)
SOFIAPUBFUN su_time64_t su_stamp64 (void)
SOFIAPUBFUN void su_time (su_time_t *tv)
SOFIAPUBFUN su_time64_t su_time64_add (su_time64_t t, su_duration_t dur)
SOFIAPUBFUN su_time_t su_time64_to_time (su_time64_t t)
SOFIAPUBFUN su_time_t su_time_add (su_time_t t, su_duration_t dur)
SOFIAPUBFUN long su_time_cmp (su_time_t const t1, su_time_t const t2)
SOFIAPUBFUN su_time_t su_time_dadd (su_time_t t, double dur)
SOFIAPUBFUN double su_time_diff (su_time_t const t1, su_time_t const t2)
SOFIAPUBFUN uint32_t su_time_ms (su_time_t t)
SOFIAPUBFUN int su_time_print (char *s, int n, su_time_t const *tv)
SOFIAPUBFUN su_time64_t su_time_to_time64 (su_time_t tv)


SOFIA_BEGIN_DECLS typedef uint64_t su_time64_t

Detailed Description

Time types and functions.

Pekka Pessi <Pekka.Pessi@nokia.com>
Created: Thu Mar 18 19:40:51 1999 pessi

Definition in file su_time.h.

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