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SOFIAPUBFUN int su_msg_deinitializer ( su_msg_r  rmsg,
su_msg_deinit_function deinit 

Add a deinitializer function to a message.

The deinitializer function is called when the message gets destroyed. It is called even if the message was never delivered. Note that the thread destroying the message and calling the deinit function is not necessarily the same that sent the message nor the original recipient.

rmsgmessage reference
deinitpointer to deinitializer function

Definition at line 1143 of file su_root.c.

References su_msg_deinitializer().

Referenced by su_msg_deinitializer().

  if (rmsg && rmsg[0]) {
    rmsg[0]->sum_deinit = deinit;
    return 0;
  return -1;

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