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SOFIAPUBFUN int su_clone_pause ( su_clone_r  rclone )

Pause a clone.

Obtain an exclusive lock on clone's private data.

Return values:
0if successful (and clone is paused)
-1upon an error
Never implemented.

Definition at line 386 of file su_port.c.

References su_clone_pause(), su_msg_to(), and su_task_root().

Referenced by su_clone_pause().

#if 0
  su_root_t *cloneroot = su_task_root(su_msg_to(rclone));

  if (!cloneroot)
    return (errno = EFAULT), -1;

  if (SU_ROOT_OWN_THREAD(cloneroot))
    /* We own it already */
    return 0;

  return su_port_pause(cloneroot->sur_port);
  return errno = ENOSYS, -1;

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