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SOFIAPUBFUN int su_wait_destroy ( su_wait_t waitobj )

Destroy a wait object.

The function su_wait_destroy() destroys a su_wait_t object.

waitobjpointer to wait object
Return values:
0when successful,
-1upon an error.

Definition at line 185 of file su_wait.c.

References su_wait_destroy().

Referenced by su_source_deregister(), su_wait_destroy(), and tport_register_secondary().

  su_wait_t w0 = NULL;
  assert(waitobj != NULL);
  if (*waitobj) {
    *waitobj = w0;
  su_wait_t w0 = { INVALID_SOCKET, 0, 0 };
  assert(waitobj != NULL);
  if (waitobj) {
    *waitobj = w0;
  return waitobj ? 0 : -1;

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