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SOFIAPUBFUN void su_clone_wait ( su_root_t root,
su_clone_r  rclone 

Stop a clone and wait until it is has completed.

The function su_clone_wait() is used to stop the clone task and wait until it has cleaned up. The clone task is destroyed asynchronously. The parent sends a message to clone, clone deinitializes itself and then replies. After the reply message is received by the parent, it will send a third message back to clone.

The parent destroy all messages to or from clone task before calling su_clone_wait(). The parent task may not send any messages to the clone after calling su_clone_wait(). The su_clone_wait() function blocks until the cloned task is destroyed. During that time, the parent task must be prepared to process all the messages sent by clone task. This includes all the messages sent by clone before destroy the message reached the clone.

Definition at line 369 of file su_port.c.

References su_clone_wait(), and su_msg_from().

Referenced by nua_destroy(), and su_clone_wait().

  if (rclone[0]) {
    assert(root == NULL || root == su_msg_from(rclone)->sut_root);

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