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msg_types.h File Reference

Types for messages and common headers. More...

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struct  msg_auth_info_s
struct  msg_auth_s
struct  msg_common_s
struct  msg_error_s
struct  msg_generic_s
struct  msg_hclass_s
union  msg_header_u
struct  msg_list_s
struct  msg_numeric_s
struct  msg_payload_s
struct  msg_pub_s
struct  msg_separator_s
struct  msg_unknown_s


#define MSG_HDR_T   union msg_header_u
#define MSG_HEADER_N   16377
#define msg_ident   msg_common->h_class
#define MSG_PUB_T   struct msg_pub_s
#define MSG_TIME_MAX   ((msg_time_t)ULONG_MAX)
#define MSG_TYPES_H
#define sh_class   sh_common->h_class
#define sh_data   sh_common->h_data
#define sh_len   sh_common->h_len
#define sh_next   sh_header_next->shn_next
#define sh_prev   sh_common->h_prev
#define sh_succ   sh_common->h_succ


typedef struct msg_auth_info_s msg_auth_info_t
typedef struct msg_auth_s msg_auth_t
typedef struct msg_common_s msg_common_t
typedef char * msg_dup_f (msg_header_t *dst, msg_header_t const *src, char *buf, isize_t bufsiz)
typedef struct msg_error_s msg_error_t
typedef msg_common_t msg_frg_t
typedef struct msg_generic_s msg_generic_t
typedef struct msg_hclass_s const msg_hclass_t
typedef MSG_HDR_T msg_header_t
typedef struct msg_href_s msg_href_t
typedef struct msg_list_s msg_list_t
struct msg_mclass_s 
typedef struct msg_numeric_s msg_numeric_t
typedef char const * msg_param_t
typedef issize_t msg_parse_f (struct su_home_s *, msg_header_t *, char *, isize_t)
typedef struct msg_payload_s msg_payload_t
typedef issize_t msg_print_f (char buf[], isize_t bufsiz, msg_header_t const *, int flags)
typedef MSG_PUB_T msg_pub_t
typedef struct msg_separator_s msg_separator_t
typedef struct msg_s msg_t
typedef unsigned long msg_time_t
typedef struct msg_unknown_s msg_unknown_t
typedef int msg_update_f (msg_common_t *, char const *name, isize_t namelen, char const *value)
typedef isize_t msg_xtra_f (msg_header_t const *h, isize_t offset)


enum  msg_header_kind_t {
  msg_kind_single, msg_kind_append, msg_kind_list, msg_kind_apndlist,

Detailed Description

Types for messages and common headers.

Pekka Pessi <Pekka.Pessi@nokia.com>
Created: Thu Jan 23 15:43:17 2003 ppessi

Definition in file msg_types.h.

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