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typedef struct msg_accept_any_s sip_accept_language_t

sip_accept_language Accept-Language Header

The Accept-Language header can be used to allow the client to indicate to the server in which language it would prefer to receive reason phrases, session descriptions or status responses carried as message bodies. Its syntax is defined in [H14.4, S10.8] as follows:

    Accept-Language  =  "Accept-Language" HCOLON
                         [ language *(COMMA language) ]
    language         =  language-range *(SEMI accept-param)
    language-range   =  ( ( 1*8ALPHA *( "-" 1*8ALPHA ) ) / "*" )

The parsed Accept-Language header is stored in sip_accept_language_t structure.

The structure sip_accept_language_t contains representation of SIP header.

The sip_accept_language_t is defined as follows:

 typedef struct {
   msg_common_t        aa_common[1]; // Common fragment info
   sip_accept_language_t *aa_next;   // Pointer to next <language>
   char const            *aa_value;  // Language-range
   msg_param_t const     *aa_params; // List of accept-parameters
   char const            *aa_q;      // Value of q parameter
 } sip_accept_language_t;

Definition at line 141 of file sip.h.

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