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sip_service_route Service-Route Header

The "Service-Route" is a SIP extension header field (), which can contain a route vector that will direct requests through a specific sequence of proxies. A registrar may use a Service-Route header field to inform a UA of a service route that, if used by the UA, will provide services from a proxy or set of proxies associated with that registrar. The Service-Route header field may be included by a registrar in the response to a REGISTER request. The syntax for the Service-Route header field is:

    Service-Route = "Service-Route" HCOLON sr-value *(COMMA sr-value)
    sr-value  =  name-addr *( SEMI rr-param )

The parsed Service-Route header is stored in sip_service_route_t structure.

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The structure sip_service_route_t contains representation of SIP header.

The sip_service_route_t is defined as follows:

 typedef struct sip_route_s {
   sip_common_t        r_common[1];   // Common fragment info
   sip_service_route_t*r_next;        // Link to next @ServiceRoute
   char const         *r_display;     // Display name
   url_t               r_url[1];      // Service-Route URL
   msg_param_t const  *r_params;      // List of parameters
 } sip_service_route_t;

Definition at line 219 of file sip.h.

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