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sip_retry_after Retry-After Header

The Retry-After response-header field section 20.33 can be used to indicate how long the service is expected to be unavailable or when the called party anticipates being available again. Its syntax is defined in as follows:

      Retry-After  =  "Retry-After" HCOLON delta-seconds
                      [ comment ] *( SEMI retry-param )
      retry-param  =  ("duration" EQUAL delta-seconds)
                      / generic-param

The parsed Retry-After header is stored in sip_retry_after_t structure.

The structure sip_retry_after_t contains representation of an header.

The sip_retry_after_t is defined as follows:

 typedef struct sip_retry_after_s {
   sip_common_t        af_common[1]; // Common fragment info
   sip_error_t        *af_next;      // Link to next (dummy)
   sip_time_t          af_delta;     // Seconds to before retry
   char const         *af_comment;   // Comment string
   msg_param_t const  *af_params;    // List of parameters
   char const         *af_duration;  // Duration parameter
 } sip_retry_after_t;

Definition at line 186 of file sip.h.

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