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stun_common.c File Reference
#include "config.h"
#include "stun_internal.h"
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include <sofia-sip/su.h>
#include <sofia-sip/su_debug.h>
#include <sofia-sip/su_localinfo.h>
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#define __func__   "stun_common"
#define get16(b, offset)
#define set16(b, offset, value)


void debug_print (stun_buffer_t *buf)
const char * stun_attr_phrase (uint16_t type)
int stun_copy_buffer (stun_buffer_t *p, stun_buffer_t *p2)
char * stun_determine_ip_address (int family)
int stun_encode_address (stun_attr_t *attr)
int stun_encode_buffer (stun_attr_t *attr)
int stun_encode_error_code (stun_attr_t *attr)
int stun_encode_message (stun_msg_t *msg, stun_buffer_t *pwd)
int stun_encode_message_integrity (stun_attr_t *attr, unsigned char *buf, int len, stun_buffer_t *pwd)
int stun_encode_type_len (stun_attr_t *attr, uint16_t len)
int stun_encode_uint32 (stun_attr_t *attr)
int stun_free_buffer (stun_buffer_t *p)
int stun_free_message (stun_msg_t *msg)
void stun_free_message_data (stun_msg_t *msg)
stun_attr_tstun_get_attr (stun_attr_t *attr, uint16_t attr_type)
void stun_init_buffer (stun_buffer_t *p)
int stun_init_message (stun_msg_t *msg)
int stun_parse_attr_address (stun_attr_t *attr, const unsigned char *p, unsigned len)
int stun_parse_attr_buffer (stun_attr_t *attr, const unsigned char *p, unsigned len)
int stun_parse_attr_error_code (stun_attr_t *attr, const unsigned char *p, unsigned len)
int stun_parse_attr_uint32 (stun_attr_t *attr, const unsigned char *p, unsigned len)
int stun_parse_attr_unknown_attributes (stun_attr_t *attr, const unsigned char *p, unsigned len)
int stun_parse_attribute (stun_msg_t *msg, unsigned char *p)
int stun_parse_message (stun_msg_t *msg)
const char * stun_response_phrase (int status)
int stun_send_message (su_socket_t s, su_sockaddr_t *to_addr, stun_msg_t *msg, stun_buffer_t *pwd)
int stun_validate_message_integrity (stun_msg_t *msg, stun_buffer_t *pwd)


const char stun_400_Bad_request [] = "Bad Request"
const char stun_401_Unauthorized [] = "Unauthorized"
const char stun_420_Unknown_attribute [] = "Unknown Attribute"
const char stun_430_Stale_credentials [] = "Stale Credentials"
const char stun_431_Integrity_check_failure [] = "Integrity Check Failure"
const char stun_432_Missing_username [] = "Missing Username"
const char stun_433_Use_tls [] = "Use TLS"
const char stun_500_Server_error [] = "Server Error"
const char stun_600_Global_failure [] = "Global Failure"

Detailed Description

Tat Chan <Tat.Chan@nokia.com>
Kai Vehmanen <kai.vehmanen@nokia.com>
Created: Fri Oct 3 13:40:41 2003 ppessi

Definition in file stun_common.c.

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