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su_tag_inline.h File Reference
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#define TAG_TYPE_OF(t)   ((t) && (t)->t_tag ? (t)->t_tag : tag_null)
#define tt_dup   tt_class->tc_dup
#define tt_filter   tt_class->tc_filter
#define tt_find   tt_class->tc_find
#define tt_free   tt_class->tc_free
#define tt_len   tt_class->tc_len
#define tt_move   tt_class->tc_move
#define tt_next   tt_class->tc_next
#define tt_snprintf   tt_class->tc_snprintf
#define tt_xtra   tt_class->tc_xtra


su_inline tagi_tt_dup (tagi_t *dst, tagi_t const *src, void **bb)
su_inline int t_end (tagi_t const *t)
su_inline tagi_t const * t_find (tag_type_t tt, tagi_t const *lst)
su_inline tagi_tt_free (tagi_t *t)
su_inline size_t t_len (tagi_t const *t)
su_inline tagi_tt_move (tagi_t *dst, tagi_t const *src)
su_inline tagi_t const * t_next (tagi_t const *t)
su_inline size_t t_xtra (tagi_t const *t, size_t offset)

Detailed Description

Inline functions for object tags and tag lists.

Pekka Pessi <Pekka.Pessi@nokia.com>
Created: Tue Feb 20 19:48:18 2001 ppessi

Definition in file su_tag_inline.h.

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