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sip_replaces Replaces Header

The Replaces header indicates that a single dialog identified by the header field is to be shut down and logically replaced by the incoming INVITE in which it is contained. Its syntax is defined in section 6.1 as follows:

    Replaces        = "Replaces" HCOLON callid *(SEMI replaces-param)
    replaces-param  = to-tag / from-tag / early-flag / generic-param
    to-tag          = "to-tag" EQUAL token
    from-tag        = "from-tag" EQUAL token
    early-flag      = "early-only"

A Replaces header field MUST contain exactly one <to-tag> and exactly one <from-tag>, as they are required for unique dialog matching. For compatibility with dialogs initiated by compliant UAs, a tag of zero ("0") matches both tags of zero and null. A Replaces header field MAY contain the <early-only> flag.

The parsed Replaces header is stored in sip_replaces_t structure.

See also:
, nta_leg_by_replaces(), nta_leg_make_replaces()

The structure sip_replaces_t contains representation of header.

The sip_replaces_t is defined as follows:

 typedef struct sip_replaces_s
   sip_common_t        rp_common[1];   // Common fragment info
   sip_error_t        *rp_next;      // Dummy link to next
   char const         *rp_call_id;     // @CallID of dialog to replace
   msg_param_t const  *rp_params;      // List of parameters
   char const         *rp_to_tag;      // Value of "to-tag" parameter
   char const         *rp_from_tag;    // Value of "from-tag" parameter
   unsigned            rp_early_only;  // early-only parameter
 } sip_replaces_t;

Definition at line 177 of file sip.h.

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