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sip_warning Warning Header

The Warning response-header field is used to carry additional information about the status of a response. Its syntax is defined in as follows:

    Warning        =  "Warning" HCOLON warning-value *(COMMA warning-value)
    warning-value  =  warn-code SP warn-agent SP warn-text
    warn-code      =  3DIGIT
    warn-agent     =  hostport / pseudonym
                      ;  the name or pseudonym of the server adding
                      ;  the Warning header, for use in debugging
    warn-text      =  quoted-string
    pseudonym      =  token

The parsed Warning header is stored in sip_warning_t structure.

The structure sip_warning_t contains representation of an header.

The sip_warning_t is defined as follows:

 typedef struct msg_warning_s
   msg_common_t        w_common[1];  // Common fragment info
   msg_warning_t      *w_next;       // Link to next @Warning header
   unsigned            w_code;       // Warning code
   char const         *w_host;       // Hostname or pseudonym
   char const         *w_port;       // Port number
   char const         *w_text;       // Warning text
 } sip_warning_t;

Definition at line 201 of file sip.h.

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