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sip_require Require Header

The Require header is used by clients to tell user agent servers about options that the client expects the server to support in order to properly process the request. Its syntax is defined in as follows:

    Require       =  "Require" HCOLON option-tag *(COMMA option-tag)

The parsed Require header is stored in sip_require_t structure.

The structure sip_require_t contains representation of an header.

The sip_require_t is defined as follows:

 typedef struct msg_list_s
   msg_common_t       k_common[1];  // Common fragment info
   msg_list_t        *k_next;       // Link to next header
   msg_param_t       *k_items;      // List of items
 } sip_require_t;

Definition at line 185 of file sip.h.

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