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typedef struct sip_content_type_s sip_content_type_t

sip_content_type Content-Type Header

The Content-Type header indicates the media type of the message-body sent to the recipient. Its syntax is defined in [H3.7, S] as follows:

 Content-Type     =  ( "Content-Type" / "c" ) HCOLON media-type
 media-type       =  m-type SLASH m-subtype *(SEMI m-parameter)
 m-type           =  discrete-type / composite-type
 discrete-type    =  "text" / "image" / "audio" / "video"
                     / "application" / extension-token
 composite-type   =  "message" / "multipart" / extension-token
 extension-token  =  ietf-token / x-token
 ietf-token       =  token
 x-token          =  "x-" token
 m-subtype        =  extension-token / iana-token
 iana-token       =  token
 m-parameter      =  m-attribute EQUAL m-value
 m-attribute      =  token
 m-value          =  token / quoted-string

The parsed Content-Type header is stored in sip_content_type_t structure.

The structure sip_content_type_t contains representation of SIP header.

The sip_content_type_t is defined as follows:

 typedef struct sip_content_type_s {
   sip_common_t        c_common[1];  // Common fragment info
   sip_unknown_t      *c_next;       // Dummy link to next
   char const         *c_type;       // Pointer to type/subtype
   char const         *c_subtype;    // Points after first slash in type
   msg_param_t const  *c_params;     // List of parameters
 } sip_content_type_t;

The whitespace in the c_type is always removed when parsing.

Definition at line 155 of file sip.h.

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