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string0.h File Reference

Extra string functions. More...

#include <sofia-sip/su_string.h>
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#define STRING0_H


su_inline int str0casecmp (char const *a, char const *b)
su_inline int str0cmp (char const *a, char const *b)
su_inline int str0ncasecmp (char const *a, char const *b, size_t n)
su_inline int str0ncmp (char const *a, char const *b, size_t n)
su_inline size_t strncspn (char const *s, size_t ssize, char const *term)
su_inline size_t strnspn (char const *s, size_t ssize, char const *term)

Detailed Description

Extra string functions.

String comparison functions accepting NULL pointers: str0cmp(), str0ncmp(), str0casecmp(), str0ncasecmp(). Also includes span functions testing at most n bytes: strncspn(), strnspn().

Use functions from <sofia-sip/su_string.h> instead.

Definition in file string0.h.

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