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int stun_dns_lookup_tcp_addr ( stun_dns_lookup_t self,
const char **  target,
uint16_t *  port 

Fetches the results of a completed STUN DNS-SRV lookup for "_stun._tcp" service (RFC3489).

selfcontext pointer
targetlocation where to stored the 'target' SRV field for stun service
portlocation where to store port number
0 on success, non-zero otherwise

Definition at line 219 of file stun_dns.c.

  int result = -1;
  if (self->stun_state == stun_dns_done) {
    if (target) *target = self->stun_tcp_target;
    if (port) *port = self->stun_tcp_port;
    result = 0;

  return result;

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