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su_alloc.h File Reference

#include <sofia-sip/su_types.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
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struct  su_home_s


#define SU_ALLOC_H
#define SU_HOME_AUTO_SIZE(n)
#define su_home_desctructor(home, destructor)   su_home_destructor((home), (destructor))
#define SU_HOME_INIT(obj)   { 0, NULL, NULL }
#define SU_HOME_T   struct su_home_s
#define su_home_zap(h)   su_home_unref((h))


typedef struct su_alock su_alock_t
typedef struct su_block_s su_block_t
typedef SU_HOME_T su_home_t


SU_DLL char * __format__ (printf, 2, 3)))
SU_DLL char * __sentinel__ (0)))
SU_DLL void * su_alloc (su_home_t *h, isize_t size) __attribute__((__malloc__))
SU_DLL void su_free (su_home_t *h, void *)
SU_DLL su_home_tsu_home_auto (void *area, isize_t size)
SU_DLL void su_home_check (su_home_t const *home)
SU_DLL int su_home_check_alloc (su_home_t const *home, void const *data)
SU_DLL void * su_home_clone (su_home_t *parent, isize_t size) __attribute__((__malloc__))
SU_DLL su_home_tsu_home_create (void) __attribute__((__malloc__))
SU_DLL void su_home_deinit (su_home_t *h)
SU_DLL int su_home_desctructor (su_home_t *, void(*)(void *))
SU_DLL void su_home_destroy (su_home_t *h)
SU_DLL int su_home_destructor (su_home_t *, void(*)(void *))
SU_DLL int su_home_has_parent (su_home_t const *home)
SU_DLL int su_home_init (su_home_t *h)
SU_DLL int su_home_is_threadsafe (su_home_t const *home)
SU_DLL int su_home_lock (su_home_t *home)
SU_DLL int su_home_move (su_home_t *dst, su_home_t *src)
SU_DLL int su_home_mutex_lock (su_home_t *home)
SU_DLL int su_home_mutex_unlock (su_home_t *home)
SU_DLL void * su_home_new (isize_t size) __attribute__((__malloc__))
SU_DLL su_home_tsu_home_parent (su_home_t const *home)
SU_DLL void su_home_preload (su_home_t *h, isize_t n, isize_t size)
SU_DLL void * su_home_ref (su_home_t const *)
SU_DLL size_t su_home_refcount (su_home_t *home)
SU_DLL int su_home_threadsafe (su_home_t *home)
 Thread-locking for su_alloc module.
SU_DLL int su_home_trylock (su_home_t *home)
SU_DLL int su_home_unlock (su_home_t *home)
SU_DLL int su_home_unref (su_home_t *)
SU_DLL int su_in_home (su_home_t *h, void const *data)
SU_DLL void * su_realloc (su_home_t *h, void *data, isize_t size) __attribute__((__malloc__))
SU_DLL void * su_salloc (su_home_t *h, isize_t size) __attribute__((__malloc__))
SU_DLL char * su_sprintf (su_home_t *home, char const *fmt,...) __attribute__((__malloc__
SU_DLL char * su_strcat (su_home_t *home, char const *s1, char const *s2) __attribute__((__malloc__))
SU_DLL char * su_strcat_all (su_home_t *home,...) __attribute__((__malloc__
SU_DLL char * su_strdup (su_home_t *home, char const *s) __attribute__((__malloc__))
SU_DLL char * su_strndup (su_home_t *home, char const *s, isize_t n) __attribute__((__malloc__))
SU_DLL char * su_vsprintf (su_home_t *home, char const *fmt, va_list ap) __attribute__((__malloc__))
SU_DLL void * su_zalloc (su_home_t *h, isize_t size) __attribute__((__malloc__))

Detailed Description

Home-based memory management interface

Pekka Pessi <Pekka.Pessi@nokia.com>
Created: Thu Aug 19 01:12:25 1999 ppessi

Definition in file su_alloc.h.

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