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void tport_dump_iovec ( tport_t const *  self,
msg_t msg,
size_t  n,
su_iovec_t const   iov[],
size_t  iovused,
char const *  what,
char const *  how 

Dump the data from the iovec

Definition at line 186 of file tport_logging.c.

References su_now(), and tport_dump_iovec().

Referenced by tport_dump_iovec(), tport_recv_dgram(), and tport_recv_stream().

  tport_master_t *mr;
  char stamp[128];
  size_t i;

  assert(self); assert(msg);

  mr = self->tp_master;
  if (!mr->mr_dump_file)

  tport_stamp(self, msg, stamp, what, n, how, su_now());
  fputs(stamp, mr->mr_dump_file);

  for (i = 0; i < iovused && n > 0; i++) {
    size_t len = iov[i].mv_len;
    if (len > n)
      len = n;
    if (fwrite(iov[i].mv_base, len, 1, mr->mr_dump_file) != len)
    n -= len;

  fputs("\v\n", mr->mr_dump_file);

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