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int tport_tcp_pong ( tport_t *  self )

Send pong

Definition at line 512 of file tport_type_tcp.c.

References SU_DEBUG_7, and tport_tcp_pong().

Referenced by tport_recv_stream(), and tport_tcp_pong().

  self->tp_ping = 0;

  if (tport_has_queued(self) || !self->tp_params->tpp_pong2ping)
    return 0;

  SU_DEBUG_7(("%s(%p): %s to " TPN_FORMAT "%s\n",
            __func__, (void *)self,
            "sending PONG", TPN_ARGS(self->tp_name), ""));

  return send(self->tp_socket, "\r\n", 2, 0);

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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