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void tport_zap_secondary ( tport_t *  self )

Deinit, cleanup and unref a secondary transport.

Definition at line 1101 of file tport.c.

References tport_is_closed(), and tport_is_secondary().

  int was_closed;

  if (self == NULL)

  was_closed = tport_is_closed(self);

  if (tport_is_secondary(self)) {
    if (!was_closed)
      /* Remove from rbtree */
      tprb_remove(&self->tp_pri->pri_open, self);
      tplist_remove(&self->tp_pri->pri_closed, self);
    self->tp_closed = 1;

    if (self->tp_pri->pri_vtable->vtp_deinit_secondary)

  tport_cleanup(self, !was_closed);


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