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tport_tls.h File Reference

Internal TLS interface. More...

#include "tport_internal.h"
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struct  tls_issues_s
struct  tport_tls_primary_s
struct  tport_tls_s


#define TLS_MAX_HOSTS   (16)
#define TPORT_TLS_H


typedef struct tls_issues_s tls_issues_t
typedef struct tls_s tls_t
typedef struct tport_tls_primary_s tport_tls_primary_t
typedef struct tport_tls_s tport_tls_t


int tls_connect (su_root_magic_t *magic, su_wait_t *w, tport_t *self)
int tls_events (tls_t const *tls, int flags)
void tls_free (tls_t *tls)
int tls_get_socket (tls_t *tls)
tls_ttls_init_master (tls_issues_t *tls_issues)
tls_ttls_init_secondary (tls_t *tls_master, int sock, int accept)
int tls_pending (tls_t const *tls)
ssize_t tls_read (tls_t *tls)
void * tls_read_buffer (tls_t *tls, size_t N)
int tls_want_read (tls_t *tls, int events)
int tls_want_write (tls_t *tls, int events)
ssize_t tls_write (tls_t *tls, void *buf, size_t size)


char const tls_version []

Detailed Description

Internal TLS interface.

Mikko Haataja <ext-Mikko.A.Haataja@nokia.com>

Copyright 2001, 2002 Nokia Research Center. All rights reserved.

Definition in file tport_tls.h.

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