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sofia-sip Directory Reference


file  msg.h [code]
file  msg_addr.h [code]
 Addressing and I/O interface for messages.
file  msg_buffer.h [code]
 Internal buffer management functions.
file  msg_date.h [code]
 Types and functions for handling dates and times.
file  msg_header.h [code]
 Message headers.
file  msg_mclass.h [code]
 Parser table and message factory object.
file  msg_mclass_hash.h [code]
file  msg_mime.h [code]
file  msg_mime_protos.h [code]
file  msg_parser.h [code]
file  msg_protos.h [code]
file  msg_tag_class.h [code]
 Functions for constructing per-protocol tag classes.
file  msg_types.h [code]
 Types for messages and common headers.

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