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http_etag_t* http_etag_dup ( su_home_t home,
http_etag_t const *  hdr 

Duplicate (deep copy) http_etag_t.

The function http_etag_dup() duplicates a header structure hdr. If the header structure hdr contains a reference (hdr->x_next) to a list of headers, all the headers in the list are duplicated, too.

home memory home used to allocate new structure
hdr header structure to be duplicated
When duplicating, all parameter lists and non-constant strings attached to the header are copied, too. The function uses given memory home to allocate all the memory areas used to copy the header.

   etag = http_etag_dup(home, http->http_etag);
The function http_etag_dup() returns a pointer to the newly duplicated http_etag_t header structure, or NULL upon an error.

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