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Accept-Language Header

Detailed Description

The Accept-Language header allows the client to indicate to the server in which language it would prefer to receive reason phrases, session descriptions or status responses carried as message bodies. Its syntax is defined in [H14.4, S20.3] as follows:

    Accept-Language = "Accept-Language" ":"
                      1#( language-range [ ";" "q" "=" qvalue ] )

    language-range  = ( ( 1*8ALPHA *( "-" 1*8ALPHA ) ) | "*" )


#define msg_accept_language_init(x)   MSG_HEADER_INIT(x, msg_accept_language_class, sizeof(msg_accept_language_t))
#define MSG_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE_INIT()   MSG_HDR_INIT(accept_language)
#define msg_accept_language_p(h)   msg_is_accept_language((h))


typedef msg_accept_any_t msg_accept_language_t


enum  { msg_accept_language_hash = 23797 }


msg_accept_language_tmsg_accept_language_copy (su_home_t *home, msg_accept_language_t const *header)
msg_accept_language_tmsg_accept_language_dup (su_home_t *home, msg_accept_language_t const *header)
msg_accept_language_tmsg_accept_language_format (su_home_t *home, char const *fmt,...) __attribute__((__format__(printf
msg_accept_language_tmsg_accept_language_make (su_home_t *home, char const *s)
int msg_is_accept_language (msg_header_t const *header)


MSG_DLL msg_hclass_t msg_accept_language_class []
MSG_DLL msg_parse_f msg_accept_language_d
MSG_DLL msg_dup_f msg_accept_language_dup_one
MSG_DLL msg_xtra_f msg_accept_language_dup_xtra
MSG_DLL msg_print_f msg_accept_language_e

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